Do you have a hard time, keeping your staffs around in the restaurant?

    Do you want a team who gives their best and enjoys working at your restaurant?

    To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”

    Regardless of the type of business you are running, in order to successfully attract and retain good workers, you need to have a good understanding of effective human resource practices and implement those practices in your business.

    If you think that you can get away with not investing in HRM, you are mistaken. Suppose you don’t invest in HRM and hire staffs based on your personal network. You don’t train them and they do their job poorly. The customer will think your restaurant is average and then go to other restaurants the next time.

    Therefore it is essential to invest in excellent HRM. We provide top class services that focuses on staff management through a dedicated planning process. Our services include:

    • Manuals and Handbooks
    • Staff Training
    • Employee Development Programs and Performance Evaluation
    • POS System Training
    • SOPs and Checklist
    • Up-selling and Cross-selling training
    1. Manuals and Handbooks:

    The foundation of any training program is its structure. Your guiding principles and company culture aspirations must be reflected in your position training manuals and employee handbook.

    “Follow the manager around for a few days until you get it” is not a training program. We work backwards from what the customer should experience to build training programs that brings your brand to life.

    1. Staff Training:

    Training should not be viewed as a cost either in time or money: it is one of the most important investment a business can make because it dramatically increases the value of your key asset – your staff.

    Properly trained employees deliver better service, are usually happier in their jobs, and more motivated to accept new challenges. Not only is training great for restaurants, it’s also great for employees and employers – everyone is happier and more productive.

    1. Employee Development Programs:

    A common misconception is that employee training only happens with new hires. This is certainly not the case, as one of the key strategies to maintaining a strong and productive workforce is to invest in employees and focus on internal promotion, succession planning, and employee development.

    Creating a well-thought employee development program will help improve your employee productivity and retention, as well as reputation of your restaurant. The development program should be aligned with the restaurant’s vision and the skills that are important to provide a progressive skill base.