Do your customers say your menu is confusing?

    Does it have too many dishes and you can’t find a way to reduce them?

    Do you want the customers to order profitable menu items?

    Your menu is what you sell and how you make your money.

    Your menu is the ultimate interface between your guests and your restaurant. There are a number of factors that combine to make an effective menu which drives guests to your higher profit items, promotes up-sell and encourages repeat business and referral.

    From the design and layout of the menu to the psychology behind customer’s preferences, up-selling and cross selling opportunities, we are experts in menus, analyzing and refining them so they become effective selling tools.

    Visual perception is inextricably linked to how customers read a menu. By strategically arranging menu items and categories within the pages of the menu, operators can promote high profit dishes while allowing less profitable dishes to be understated. This strategy enhances the sales mix profitability, and thus represents a key element in the business’s strategy.

    Our services include:

    • Menu Analysis
    • Menu Engineering
    • Menu Pricing
    • Menu Psychology
    • Menu Design & Layout
    • Up-selling and Cross-selling training
    1. Up-selling and Cross-selling Training:

    Could you sell more?

    Up-selling and cross-selling are techniques within your menu and staff training to use ingredients and dishes cleverly to achieve more sales.

    By up-selling and cross-selling, your customers will have a wider choice and will be engaged to buy more.

    Your menu needs to be designed with upselling in mind and laid out accordingly.

    With a well designed menu, your staff will find selling promotions and add-ons far more straightforward.

    We apply tried and tested techniques to menus and staff training that make your customers buy those extra desserts, deals and special coffees that boost the bottom line.

    Contact us today to unlock your staff and menu potential.

    1. Design & Layout

    Is your menu set up to sell?

    How your menu is designed and laid out can be nearly as important as whats actually offered for sale.

    From drawing attention to certain offers, encouraging additional impulse selections and matching dishes, we use tried and tested techniques to ensure your menu is optimised for your clients and for the dishes you serve.

    Contact us today to design or review your menu.

    1. Analysis

    Are you using your menu to the full?

    Analyzing the menu, we look at the cost of your ingredients, the design and layout, the quality of the print, whether it fits the size of the kitchen and your team’s skill set.

    Having your menu analysed will ensure you use it to its full potential and ensures that it generates sales.

    We give detailed and cost effective menu analysis that will ensure you have a return on investment and give you a competitive edge.

    1. Menu Psychology

    Are you using menu psychology in your favor or against it?

    Menu design is based on the theory of sweet spots, psychology of visual perception and attention by strategically arranging menu categories within the pages of the menu, and item placement within a menu category.

    Contact us today to get more sales through your menu.

    Our well-executed initial menu-engineering process can help increase your restaurant’s bottom line profits by 3 to 5% on a consistent basis.